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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Green Batteries, Long rides and e-bikes on campus

My daughter Lucy had no friends to play with yesterday so we painted our batteries green.  Really green!

My brother Michael rode his "long tail" bike 75 miles yesterday from his house in West Marin to Palo Alto.  He managed to get lost a couple of times, adding about 15 miles to the trip.  He arrived looking pretty good!

I got a note from a fellow in the midwest who is promoting electric bikes on campuses.  It's a great idea and he's found a funding source that will help him purchase electric bikes for 2 campuses.  The hitch is that he needs our votes and he asked me to help spread the word and encourage e-bike enthusiasts to vote for his project.  Blogger article -
It's this kind of passion that's needed to get folks to embrace electrical transportation and campuses are a great place find converts!!