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Monday, September 14, 2009

Slowly coming together - Oliver

It's been a fun ride the last few weeks. After our attempt to build a team through the Presidio Graduate School didn't work out, we agreed to dip into our own networks and use other resources for building a team. Ryan And Hope arrived in our lives and have agreed to support the project however they can. In addition, they are loaning us their Mercedes Sprinter Van which is exactly the vehicle we wanted to get as a support vehicle but we didn't want to spend the money to buy one.
My buddy Steve has been helping us clarify our values and mission and as a consequence there is a lot more clarity around what we want to do. The challenge, as Steve says, is that there is a tremendous amount of work required to create impactful events along our route that will attract people and support their efforts to become agents of change for a sustainable future.
I started a website which is not beautiful but it is where a lot of my energy has been going as I try to describe the Ride. I also developed a route that connects a few points we definitely want to stop at like Albequerque, the Denver area, Eudora KS and Fairfield Iowa.
Ryan has been out of town for a week or so and when he returns, we will work on building some of the social network sites that we will be using like Facebook, Twitter, video links, links to this blog, etc.
I also am posting a request for volunteers on We'll see if anything comes of that!
Catherine is back from a vacation with our mother so she's ready to help out before she heads back to Sweden in early October.
Michael is hard at work on getting batteries and controllers that will meet our needs. We all agree that electric bicycles that break down all the time are not going to help our message!!

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