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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Planning visits

This week has been lots of phone calls looking for sustainability heroes who we want to visit.  What a fun project!  I had a great conversation with Eric Chamberlain in Rock Port Missouri where we will stop to see the four wind turbines that provide electricity for the whole town.  Eric offered to let us charge our bikes with wind energy.   Yea!!  He gets it.
In Boulder I've been talking to the Optibike folks about their bikes and about the American ingenuity that the founder demonstrated as he developed and build the "tesla" of the electric bicycle world.
I'm still trying to find a real person to talk to in Tehachapi so that we can get an interview about the huge amount of wind energy being produced there.
I spend a lot of time chasing down the algae to biofuel project outside of Durango and finally learned that they don't do interviews or tours.  They're probably trying to hold secret their technology so all the information that they are willing to share is what's on the Solix website and the few articles that can be googled.
In Flagstaff, The Grand Canyon Trust is excited about our visit and is even willing to share our story with their members.  I've also got a call into Southwest Wind Power where I hope to land a tour and interview.
Lots to do and lots of fun doing it.

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  1. I just stumbled upon your blog. What a fascinating journey. How are you raising funds for this trip? How are you publicizing your cross-country tour? I'd be interested in learning more about your quest. As a longtime solar enthusiast, I can help point you to some sustainability heroes you might want to meet. Melissa