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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Moving forward after a summer away

My family visited friends and family in Europe this summer and I kept an eye out for electric vehicles. I saw a bunch and learned that in Europe, many countries require liscenses for electric vehicles that go over 20 miles per hour. As a result most of the bikes have small hub motors and relatively small battery packs. Truly a design for power assist.
One of my favorite scenes was the classic family outing on bicycles that crossed in front of us. The dad had a child in a trailer while the Mom worked with the other child on their own bike. Dad waited impatiently while the child tried to get the bike up the hill with the tired support of the mother. Like a flash, an older man on his electric bicycle passed through the scene and disappeared without a sound. I liked it!!
Back on the home front, we are team building. Presidio School of Management has an MBA program that requires students to choose a project and we are on the list. So far we have some interest and we'll know more early next week.
We made a video that briefly describes the ride and that is what got us interest so far.
On the technology side, Michael has advanced the battery management by incorporating a Battery management system designed for the small battery powered airplanes that hobbyists fly around. It seems to work just fine. He is also getting a bid on battery packs custom made for our trip that will get us the range we need.
My sister Tinki and I spend a lot of time together in Europe and then again when we got back home. She's excited about the ride and I know it will be a lot of fun.

I hope to post more regularly now that I'm back in the saddle.


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