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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Team Building Time

The Green Riders are all gathered together for a short while before Tinki heads back to Sweden to finish her Masters in Public Health program. So, it's time to take the opportunity to build a team who will help make this project a success.
This evening all 3 Green Riders will be at Fort Mason Center in San Francisco to present the ride to a group of Green MBA students who are looking for marketing opportunities as part of their Project Oriented Learning requirement. We have one enthusiastic student but we need to get a couple more before the project will be accepted. Michael will bring the electric bicycle he is currently building for Tinki. He says it's beautiful thanks to the work of Charlie Cunningham who knows how to do things right.
The other team building news is that I have a commitment from a couple who just moved into our neighborhood, Ryan and Hope to help us however they can. Ryan is a musician among other things and understands production much better than any of us. They are both delightful folks who have a daughter my daughter's age and a dog friend for our dog. Life is good!!
In a couple of hours, I am meeting with a new friend who is a leadership coach for businesses and organizations. I'm going to have a walking conversation about how to proceed on the team building process. I hope to enlist his ongoing advice as we build this project.
There's a lot more going on but I've got to get my daughter to school so more details later.


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