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Monday, November 23, 2009

Event Outreach Begins

Now that we've got the website going with route, calendar and the story of The Green Riders, it's time to take the potential locations we've been exploring across the country and turn them into contacts with real people who will hopefully help us create fun and inspiring events across the country.
Today I will call Coalinga, CA where I found the plans for a solar thermal plant that will augment the solar gain with the burning of biomass (cow shit and agricultural waste) to create 24/7 power.  Apparently, PG&E will buy the power.  I couldn't find any up to date info on the project so a call to the Town of Coalinga is where I'm going to start.  They'll know something since there will be permits involved.

I love this photo we took in Ashland in October on our "tie dye" weekend.

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