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Monday, February 1, 2010

Fun day on Electric Bikes with the kids

Yesterday our dear friends the Roberts (Ryan, Hope, Drie and Liam), my mother and two kids Liza and Lucy made our way up to my brother's house in Marin.  We enjoyed a cool winter day without rain, the kids almost swam in the creek and we all got a chance to ride some of Michael's electric bicycle fleet that he has been putting together over the last two years.  I also got a chance to take a short ride on the recumbent that we are still putting together for the trip.  It's a real sweet ride with a big soft tire on the back combined with lots of low weight provided by the drive system and the batteries. This video sums up the fun we had with the electric bikes.  It is truly amazing how people are drawn like magnets to electric bicycles and then once they try them out, it's ear to ear smiles.
BTW the music I use on these videos is created and performed by Ryan and his band Absynth.  It's great riding music.

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