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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Time for a makeover

After taking my bike out for a great wet ride yesterday, I decided it was time to tear it down and get it painted.  After taking lots of pictures to help me reassemble the bike, I carefully took it all apart cleaning the parts as I took them off.  I used my bio-based solvent that is soy based and works incredibly well.  I was able to get my hands right into the solvent and really work the dirt out without exposing myself to all the nasty odors and caustic contact with my skin.  It was much more fun cleaning parts, knowing that the product I'm now using doesn't hurt the environment or my health.   And I can't brag enough about how well it works!  With an old toothbrush and rag, I got the components spotless!

I had one mishap that dampened the success of the project.  In the process of removing a brazed on bracket that was no longer being used, I managed to tear a small hole in the frame.  On the advice of a friend, I plugged the hole with some epoxy putty and I will sand it down tomorrow before taking it in for sandblasting and painting.   
Guess what color I'm painting my ride?

Here is the seat and the handlebars with more wires and cables than you can imagine.

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