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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Planning Fairfield, Iowa

Fairfield, Iowa is one of the most interesting stops on our route.  We are spending almost 3 days there because there is so much to explore.  A friend of mine lives and works there and he has jumped in full force to support our visit.  We talked today and he asked me to describe my ideal vision of our visit as a way to prepare him for a meeting with the people who participate with us when we are there.
So here's our rough schedule-
Friday afternoon -  Big Art Walk event where we will gather other electric vehicles, bicycles and our rigs.
We will let people ride the bikes and talk about our adventures.
Saturday morning - Farmer's market - Again the focus will be on the electric bicycles as well as on sustainable agriculture.  Should be colorful and fun.
Saturday Afternoon - Visit the Sustainable Living Coalition  a learning center with 15 off grid buildings, solar and wind, a beautiful new design center and greenhouses growing organic food.  We will have a pot luck  for dinner and then a discussion about health and wellness and how it relates to sustainability.  Healthy people, healthy communities, healthy relationships are all part of a sustainable future.  That should be a great conversation!!  
Fairfield was a average Iowa town until the mid 70's when the Maharashi University moved in.  Over the last 35 years, the blending of the two cultures has been a fascinating story that I want to explore.
At this point, the sustainability  focus of the "meditators" has merged with the necessity of economic transformation and Fairfield is becoming a leading green community in the region and the nation.
So, I am really looking forward to some fascinating conversations that promise to go way beyond describing the latest gadget.  


  1. Hi there! I am an editor at and resident of Fairfield Iowa. May I publish this on our site (with proper credit) and link back to your blog?

  2. Hi, Oliver,
    I'm reading your blog in preparation for meeting you in April.