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Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Electric BIcycle Challenges continue!

To stay with the theme, I stripped down my electric bicycle and got it painted green.  I spend a long day putting it back together with a few annoying mechanical disasters along the way.  On the whole, though a good exercise for being on the road since I now know the bicycle very well.

So I finally hooked up the batteries and was heading out for a test ride when the electrical system died.
Not the usual death.  When I first plugged the battery in, all was well.  After about two minutes there was a smell of burning electrical connections and the buggy died.   I checked the connectors and the one battery was still live and sparking like crazy when I hooked it up to the rest of the electrical system.  The other battery blew a fuse.
Not being very savvy about the electrical system, I'm not sure what the problem is.  I assume it is either the controller or possibly the throttle.  Hopefully, when I take the bike up to Marin on Tuesday, we'll be able to sort it all out and fix the problem.
The bike does look good . . .  even if it isn't working!!

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