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Friday, March 26, 2010

Yet another twist - A good one!!

As our electric bicycles go through their testing, tuning debugging etc., we are pushing dangerously close to our departure date without having full confidence in our rigs.  The most recent concern has been the bicycle we built up on a cargo bike frame.  The bicycle works well but the extra weight adds extra stress to the wheel and requires more battery power to get the mileage we need.  As a consequence of losing confidence in the cargo bike for the long trip, I approached Michael DeVisser, the owner (with his father) of OHM bikes.  About a month ago they had expressed interest in providing us with a bicycle but I wasn't interested since we were counting on the cargo bike.
I called Michael on Thursday,  we talked four about 15 minutes and I emailed him our website and a short note updating the status of the trip and by 4 oclock on Friday he wrote back to me and offered us the loan of an OHM bike!!   Not only that, he is loaning us the high end model with the bigger motor and suspension and providing an additional battery pack to extend our range to where we need it.  OHM is a small company and to loan us a bicycle that won't come back new is a big deal for them.  Not only am I completely delighted with their generosity but their bike uses the very reliable BionX system.
The disadvantage of the OHM for many people is the price.  I'm not sure what they retail for but they are more expensive than most electric bicycles out there.   On the other hand, they use excellent components, they ride really well and they will outlast most other electric bicycles on the market today.  So, you get what you pay for.  The OHM's are selling really well in Marin where the terrain overwhelms the lower end electric bikes.
Here's a terrible picture of the bike OHM is loaning us. (I shot it off the image on my computer screen.)
Here's a link to their website where you can learn more about the OHM.  The bike has a pressure sensor that provides power based on how hard the user is pedaling.  I don't have much experience with this system but I figure I will by the end of June!!


  1. Duncan,
    Enjoyed talking to you on the phone this aft (well, morning in your time zone). Here are the 2 links I suggested in our conversation:
    solar plane:
    pedaling the pacific:

    Good luck with your final preparations, keep in touch once you are underway.
    Nick Hein
    Positive Spin, Morgantown, WV