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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Getting started

The Green Riders are Tinki, Michael and Oliver Bock.

We are two brothers and a sister. Tinki's son Albin is getting excited about joining in the adventure. Not only for the adventure but to push for the change he knows the world needs.
Right now we are talking about Albin being the SAG (Support And Gear) guy. And since he's young, he can help us implement the internet piece and probably ride for us when we feel too old. (Hopefully only one of us will feel to old at a time!!)

We are not athletes or even in very good shape and we are going to ride electric bicycles across the country to go have lunch with President Obama. Along the way we are going to stop . . . a lot. For lunch. For dinner. To duck behind a tree to . . . and to talk to people along the way who are commited to greening the planet.

We'll talk to people at solar farms, wind farms and organic farms.

We'll talk to politicans, business people, farmers, academics . . .hey, anybody who "gets it" and is commited to a future where our children's children will thrive.

We'll get tired and grouchy.

We'll get happy flying down hills on our rigs. (Have you heard the joke about how to tell a happy biker?)

We'll play with each other as we have for more than 50 years.

We're leaving Palo Alto, CA on April 22, 2010.

We'll arrive in Washington D.C. . . . when we get there?

Next steps look like:
1) Get the gear good. Bikes SAG wagon etc.
2) Create a time line for both before the ride and during.
3) Develop material for potential sponsers
4) Pick a route
5) Find someone to organize and keep us focused.
6) Pitch potential sponsers
7) Develop interactivity piece (video, photos this blog etc.)
8) Research stops that will highlight our mission.
9) Tighten and focus vision
10) Work our networks to get access to people and places that support our vision.
11) Decide what to have for lunch with Obama. (Top priority)
12) Design 10 second media pitch "Commit to Green . . . energy . . . policies . . . business behavior . . . farming . . . water use."
13) Flesh out media pitch for more in depth coverage item #12's Commit to Green" list.

What have I forgotten??



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  2. I can get you organized and focused.