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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Vixen news and more

The Vixen is the RV that we are interested in using as our SAG vehicle.
Brother Michael talked to his neighbor who has one and inspired him to offer to loan the vehicle to us for the ride!! We will do some work on it to get it able to charge batteries for the bikes en route and add a "granny gear" so that the vehicle will make it over passes. What a generous offer!!
The Vixen adds to our story. Here is a 21 foot RV that sleeps 4, is fully self-contained gets 30 mpg and was built in 1987! The technology to move around efficiently is here and has been here for a long time. We will highlight that!
Also, the generosity of the neighbor is a story about new ways of living in a post- "all about me" society. Based on a belief in more than money and personal gain, the owner of the Vixen is willing to let us borrow the RV. I haven't spoken with him and don't know why he is willing to share his vehicle so I can't ascribe any reasons to his decision. Based on his willingness to be so generous, I have to assume that he supports what we are doing and is willing to let us fix up the RV for the trip, add a lot of miles and return it to him when we're done with it.
I hope the generosity that Michael inspired in his neighbor is an indication of the value of the Green Ride. By supporting the trip in whatever way, individuals, businesses and other institutions will contribute to the possibilities for different ways of living in this country that we are promoting. Get out of cars! Ride bikes! Share with your neighbors! Build communities that are increasingly self-reliant for energy, food and entertainment.
It turns out that the owner's of Vixen's are quite the family. It will be fun to include them in this project and hopefully we can get together with some of them on our ride.
Today, MIchael and I head down to Santa Cruz with a load of electric bicycles to show them to the Bicycle club at Cabrillo College. Albin is organizing the demonstration and we hope to inspire some of the club members to take a more serious look at doing electric conversions.
We are also going to get our mother's brother to ride one of the bikes this morning. If nothing else than for the photo opportunity!!

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