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Friday, May 8, 2009

The Green Riders' first ponderings

Taking on this journey is a big deal. It will disrupt our lives and the lives of our loved ones. On the other hand, sitting on our undisrupted butts won't do much to add to the growing movement on this planet of people, institutions and businesses that understand the desperate need for change.
The biological systems that make up this planet are failing rapidly and that recognition is a bummer. So this ride is dedicated to cheerfully showing how doing things differently can be fun and that humans can fix the mess we've made.
Today we are still not commited to this project but we are getting closer.
I bought a bike that we may convert to electric.
We're looking at a Vixen RV to use as a SAG wagon.
I'm writing this blog.
We talk about the project every day.
We've done a visioning exercise.
We're impressed by the work that needs doing to get our vision to become a reality.
We're worried about our old bones, muscles and patience.

I'm also really excited.
This feels like a project that can make a difference in the world, challenge my aging body and relieve some of the constant frustration and angst I have about the world that my daughters are inheriting. I strongly believe that if enough people get off of their undisrupted butts and passionately do something to fight for a livable future, we can make it happen. I'm absolutely positive that staying in the chute we're sliding down will get us where we're headed. Not a conversation I like having with my daughters!! Oliver


  1. I look forward to seeing you when you roll into NYC!

  2. As one of the riders and knowing that I won't be the fastest I decided that I had to be a follower. So far we haven't figured out how to work this blogg properly but that's another one of the challenges of the green ride. I'm shifting between being very excited about this venture and wondering if I'm crazy to even consider it. Mostly I think it's going to be a great way to increase awareness of how we can minimize our impact on the environment.