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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Beloit to Tuttle Creek Lake

We went to sleep last night under clear skies and a gentle breeze.
Well, things changed.
Sometime during the middle of the night a huge thunderstorm got underway with major wind and rain.  Fortunately, Sean had put up the fly on the tent as a last minute thought.  Unfortunately, he set up the tent under the eve of the shelter we were using so he got a lot of water.  I got up in the middle of the storm to gather loose possessions that were getting scattered by the wind.  The storm went on for a long while so none of us slept very well.
We didn't get a very early start and we faced more headwinds.  Not terribly strong ones but we still had to work pretty hard to cover our daily mileage.
We finally saw the Kansas winds being put to use by a set of large wind turbines to the north of the highway.  We stopped at a natural gas pumping station to ask about the turbines and found out that there is a ground level jet stream current right through where the turbines are.  That's what we were told.  It was true that after we left the wind farm behind us, the wind did die down, but that still doesn't prove that a ground level jet stream current is what's powering the turbines we saw.  (I'm not even sure that there is such a thing as a ground level jet stream current?)
We stopped for lunch in Clay Center at yet another City Park and a very friendly older woman drove up to see what we were about.  She was not a native of Kansas and wasn't very excited about living in Clay Center but her husband had ended up buying the family farm and they were retired there.  It turns out she lived in California for quite a number of years and her daughter is the principal at Sequoia High School which is in the same district as my daughter's school and right across the street from where Sean lives.
We finally got to a campground at Tuttle Creek Lake and settled in for the evening.  Catherine and I took a long walk just as night was falling and on the way back, we saw fireflies.  I was thrilled.  I had never seen them before and they are very cool.
Sean's leg has been hurting him quite a bit so we tended to it and made him elevate it which helped a lot.  I think he may have figured out that he's not quite as invulnerable as he thought he was.
But he's still superman to us!
Kansas using its wind
Perfect position for  getting Sean's leg above his heart
The good doctor making sure the patient remains compliant
Sunset during our eventing walk
Classic Kansas