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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Holton to Eudora

The ride to Eudora where our brother Peter and his family live was pretty uneventful.  Mild winds, very warm temperatures and not too much traffic.  I kind of miscalculated on the mileage and we ended up with a longer day than I had expected.  We ended up pushing pretty hard when Sean told us we still had 33 miles to go after already doing about 60.  Fortunately, he had looked at travel time not mileage so we ended up arriving in Eudora quite a bit earlier that we had anticipated.
When we got to Peter's house, his wife Andi invited us to jump in their little pool with all of our clothes on.  So we did.   Sean also cooled off before Catherine bandaged his leg for the last time and drove him to Peter's office where we hung out for a while before Peter drove him to the airport and picked up Rolf from Sweden.
It is nice being out of the weather for a change after our long and challenging ride across eastern Colorado and Kansas.
Alexandra and the beasts

A stickered fan - Nick
Pirate Captain Green Rider
Rolf from Sweden gets familiar with the natives
Serious Rasta dude Jonathan

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