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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Route 66 - Motorhead Paradise

Another early start and got into Kingman around 10.  As we drove into town, there were signs announcing road closures because of a "fun run".  I was looking for lots of Spandex, but instead we found ourselves walking our bikes through a huge collection of very shiny classic cars, hot rods and all sorts of very serious motorheads.  We did generate a little interest in our bikes but they weren't shiny enough and don't make enough noise.
After shopping for groceries and fuses for the chargers, we headed into another headwind up Route 66. To our amazement, literally hundreds of classic cars passed us heading into Kingman.  Turns out the "Fun Run" is a huge annual event that attracts over 800 participants!   We saw some pretty wild vehicles and people were lined up along the roadside, in the middle of nowhere.  We talked to some very friendly Arizonians who agreed with us that we have to get off of fossil fuels as tons and tons of fossil fuel  powered steel went flashing by us.
We ran into our first guy on a bike touring for 4 months alone.  He was delightful and liked how color coordinated we were.  He was losing his sense of time but keeping close track of how many calories he needed to buy and eat to cover his mileage. (250 calories per ten miles is what Willy figured.) He also had a bear canister strapped to his front rack where he kept all of his food.
In Peach Springs we stopped with the intention of overnighting but there was no campground and the hotel prices were too high.

We pushed ahead to Grand /Canyon Caverns where we are now set up in a very nice campground with internet that reaches out to our site!  Very nice.

At least they admit it!

Motorhead mania in Kingman, AZ

1952 motorized Schwinn Whizzer - A classic

Feeling a little out of place

The place to be in Kingman today

Willy and his Bear Cannister/Fairing


  1. Thanks for sharing your journey! Be safe! :)

  2. Can't believe you've made it that far already! Looks amazing!

  3. This is really something of our time! To be on the Route 66 sharing "the green idea". Who could imagine that a few years ago? Congrat!!!! Be save!

  4. I'm glad you enjoyed my '52 Whizzer. It is the "Parade" model and comes with leather saddle bags, flags, and other accoutrements. It runs fine, but was brought down in the back of the '57 Chevy pickup, also shown in your photos.

    -Mike Kosters