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Friday, April 30, 2010

Three States in one day-and we worked for them!

We woke to a cold beautiful desert morning and got on the road before 9 (a record).  Today was the most challenging day we've had.  We had very strong winds that were mostly cross or headwinds.  In addition, lots of the roads we travelled were heavy with trucks, RV's and narrow shoulders.  We had two major climbs, one with a brutal headwind and the other with lots of elevation.  We burned lots of battery today as well as lots of our own energy.  My eyes feel fried by the sun and wind and I think I will pass out just fine tonight.
We almost made it to Kingman but there's another hill between here and there so we called it a day here in Golden Valley.
Earlier today we crossed the Colorado into Arizona after nipping off the bottom corner of Nevada.
A Happy Camper

Desert Morning Fashion Show

Another Roadside Attraction

Goodbye California

Roadside scenery above Lauflin, NV


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