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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Countdown Day 5 Saturday

Yesterday was rough.  I spent way too much time trying to rig the solar panel onto the roof of the trailer in a way that will make it easy to take down for demonstrations.  Lying in bed this morning, I couldn't get the image of the solar panel flying off of the roof of the trailer and at the very least, self-destructing.  So my new plan is to abandon the rooftop idea and just pull the panel out when we stop.  Anybody need the couple of extra holes that I put in the roof of the trailer??

I won't have time to post tonight.  Very busy day.
I'm heading off to two Earth Day events in our area.  The one in our Town I'm supposed to be helping at since I'm on the Town Committee that sponsors the event.   Oh, well.
My plan is to show up on my rig, talk to people (a lot of whom I will know), get them to sign our sustainability petition and recruit more followers with the goal of building the band of sustainability brothers and sisters.
Tonight we have a birthday, housewarming party for my mother at my sister's house about an hour south of here. (By car.)
The big news this week on the social network front is that we got this blog listed on Blogspot's website where they post monthly "Blogs of Note".  It was incredibly exciting to see our daily visits jump off the  chart.  Our graph looked like Al Gore's hockey stick chart that he uses to describe the increased CO2 in the atmosphere.
I'll take photos today of the events and post some photos tomorrow.


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