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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Day 6 - Bakersfield to Tehachapi

Breakfast with Liz in Bakersfield

After overdosing on computer activities thanks to the kindness of our host LIz, we headed up the road to Tehachapi.  It took a long while to get through Bakersfield and as we were finally leaving the urban area, we stopped for a free breakfast at Subway!  It was very exciting.
While driving along a busy Boulevard, a friendly looking guy in a big nasty looking pickup asked us to pull over because he had to talk to us about our bikes.
We pulled into a parking lot and spend a happy time sharing our story and showing off our bikes to Joseph Bork, a local solar PV installer who gets the whole concept of electric bikes as replacements for most car trips.  I'm finding that all of these places we're passing through are a lot more interesting and fine than when we zoom through them in cars on the way to our final destinations.  I like Bakersfield!
The ride up to Tehachapi was incredibly nice.  An even grade, beautiful green again after leaving the valley.  The back road we took was windy, smooth and without traffic . . . just perfect.
When we got into Tehachapi, Mike and Debbie arrived at the agreed upon spot and started hauling out a BBQ feast.  A few of his Electric vehicle friends showed up and we relaxed and ate for a while until the famous Tehachapi winds blew us out of the park and we caravanned over to MIke and Debbie's house where the eating and talking continued.  Mike helped us with a few problems that needed tweaking and they are both delightful and wonderful hosts who are providing us with a wonderful place to stay and sharing their generous spirits with us as well.
Tomorrow Mike has arranged for us to visit him at work.  He works for GE building wind turbines.  I can't wait.
It's supposed to rain tonight and tomorrow but not too much so we will get our first chance to try out our rigs in the rain.

Joe Bork Flags us down to get himself an electric bike.  Called brother Michael way too late to talk bikes.   Whoops!

The classic cruiser

Taking baths wherever we find them!

Heading up to Tehachapi

Free Subway breakfast