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Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Bike Arrive Part 2

My daughter and I captured some footage the day our bikes arrived at my mother's house last week.  As you'll see, my mother is the power behind this project and you will also see the skill and grace with which   my daughter handles a bicycle.  She will be riding the last 10 days with us on one of the upright bikes. (Thankfully!)
This video was put together by a new friend and volunteer filmmaker, Steve Marra.  As we travel, we will be sending Steve files with video footage and some stills and he has graciously offered to edit them into pieces that will be posted on this blog.  I tried to get Steve to ride with us but he can't take that much time so this is the creative solution we came up with.  It's actually perfect.  Sean, our driver and I both love shooting video but adding the editing and posting to our activities was overwhelming.  Thank you Steve!!
Here's the video.  
And because photos are always fun

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