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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Day 2

  April 23
Woke to a beautiful damp morning and after manually turning the trailer around to get out of our spot, we rolled down the hill after wishing brother Michael happy trails as he headed back home to Marin.  It was sad to see him leave and we could really feel that a part of him wanted to join us for the journey.
Jeff the videographer got some great rolling footage that we should be able to post pretty soon.
We had tailwinds and fairly good roads all the way to the Pinnacles where we spent the night.  Along the way we had two more flats on the OHM so we bought out a bike shop in Hollister hoping to come up with a solution.
The campground scene at Pinnacles was great.  Lots of curiosity from fellow campers who support the sustainability  story (a lot of people from the Bay Area, of course).
We also learned about the California Condors who live and breed here.
The best was two very friendly sisters who invited us to stay in Bakersfield when we get there in a couple of days.  The sister who lives there works in the oil industry but understands what we're doing and her company loves bicycles.  That seems to be how this works.

Sean learns from Rob Ferber about batteries, Chinese Electric Scooter laws and much more.

Our host Ray Caamano admires our trailer

John and Catherine take a break after getting off the 200 yard stretch of freeway that we had to ride on before heading down to the Pinnacles.

John fixing flat 3 or 4.  They happened within about 200 yards of each other!

                                           Our campsite at the Pinnancles.  We got lots of interest in The Green Riders thanks to our high visibility and rather odd campground behavior. 

Saying goodbye to Michael in Ray's driveway

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  1. The adventure begineth.....looks like you all are having a blast....have fun and stay safe