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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Two days left!

I feel like the harder part of this journey is almost over.
Putting together all the pieces over the last few months has been boring, confusing, thrilling and mostly very vague.  As April 22nd comes into focus, the past work will become part of project of rolling across the country.  It will be concrete.  Each mile will be closer to our next stop. We will finally be real to the gracious people who are going to share their lives and stories with us.  I'm also beginning to taste the fun and adventure ahead of us while really missing my family even before I've left.

Yesterday,  sister Catherine and I spend the day working on the trailer.  We got 3 of the 4 bikes installed safe and secure for when we have to carry them (hopefully mostly for our drive home from DC).  We installed hooks and nets and straps for all the stuff that we will be carrying.  I was delighted with how well the bikes fit in the trailer and how much room we have for a charging area for the batteries (almost a 2 foot square!!).  Today we will work on getting the van ready for living in and tonight I will meet the folks from PI to pick up our 4th vehicle.  Very last minute but not unexpected.
The photos show that my sister really does exist.  Her friends don't believe she is part of this because there are so few pictures of her.  So, if they read this, they will see she is really real!

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