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Monday, April 12, 2010

The Countdown day 10

Lots to do before hitting the road.
Aside from the usual logistics, I worked on the solar panel rack that will be mounted on the trailer.  Came up with some clever tricks to hold the panel securely, I hope.
Also arranged to have my 5th grader Lucy come to our send off with her whole class.  There will be some surprises that promise to be very entertaining.
Talked to Marcus at PiMobility and Sean will go up there next Monday to pick up the bike and learn as much as he can about the rig.  
Tomorrow is a trailer day.  Put in a shelf above the bikes, work on the solar rack and deal will lots of little details.  Sean is going to join me and I promised to teach him how to ride the recumbent.  It should be pretty easy for him since he's a good rider already.
Talked to a Wind Expert in Bakersfield  today who we will visit when we pass through in two weeks.
He'll provide some great sound bites for a video blog!   Here's his website
Still raining but this may be the last of it before we leave.

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