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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Day 3 April 24

Woke to a fogged in damp campground.
Took off around 10 and rode some of the most beautiful country we will probably see.  The flowers were incredible.  The vast open areas were our color and the cows all looked really cool.  Saw a lot of the traditional wind turbines that run remote pumps used for watering cattle.
There was almost no traffic, the road was great and Sean and Dave shot a lot of video from the van.  I can't wait to see it!
About 34 miles out of Coalinga we stopped and had a phone call break since we finally had cell service.  We were all feeling great and ready for the climb in front of us.  Catherine, John and I started up the grade and very soon John fell behind.  The motor on his bike couldn't provide the power he needed to climb at the rate we climbed.
Down the other side I hit 47 mph!  That was fun!   I mean really fun!!
At the bottom of the grade, John took a break and gave the OHM to Dave.  The road continued to descend but the OHM failed and after waiting a long while for Catherine and Dave, the showed up with Dave having to pedal hard downhill just to get the bike to move.  We couldn't figure out what was happening so I went ahead to find a spot where I could get cell service to call Sean back to rescue us.
I rode hard for almost 10 miles before I pulled into a farmyard where there were probably 50 dogs in pens. I made the call and then hung out with the rancher for about an hour.  The Greyhound dogs are used for hunting and killing coyotes who are predators to the cattle.  The farmer thought we were pretty nuts to be doing what we are doing and had no problem telling me so.  He did like the bike but was happy to tell me how it could be better.  We had a good time together and I learned a lot about the area.

We finally rolled into a RV Park along Highway 5.  The lady was incredibly nice and we arrived at their first weekly barbecue  so we didn't have to make dinner ourselves and there was good food for everybody's dietary requirements.  (Catherine is gluten intolerant and John is Vegan.)


  1. Sounds like an adventure already!!!

  2. Way to go!!
    I have been keeping up with your journey. I am taking a much needed break from mine in Austin TX. Too bad you guys aren't coming this way. I think the folks in ATX would get down on what you guys are riding for. But I did see that you will be going thru IA. I am from IA and have family and friends all over the state so if you need a place to stay and good homecooked meals let me know and I'll put the word out. Good luck, Tail winds, and partly sunny days!.
    Sean and Coop