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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

We got our first Mayor!

The two Earth Day events were a lot of fun yesterday.  Portola Valley was quite low key but I had a long conversation with a husband and wife who own a Zenn car that they just love. I also got a photo of Debbie Mytels from Acterra who has been a very supportive friend throughout the building of this ride.
I zipped over to the Woodside event which was at a spectacular setting on a private estate with perfect weather and great attendance.   Since I live in Woodside, it seemed appropriate to get a photo of the mayor on my bike after he had just given a speech about how Woodside is investing in sustainability via their planning department.  Mayor Dave Burow focused on water use as a big issue facing not only our town but the entire planet.  I hope there will be increased dedication to finding technological and behavioral ways of saving water.  There were exhibitors at the event who presented native low water landscapes as well as an exhibitor who had a high tech filtration system for grey water.   Both great ways to use the water we have more efficiently.

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