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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Countdown Day 8 Wednesday

Started the day with a quick ride to my buddy Steve's house who is a leadership coach.  I took him up on his offer to help Hope and Sean with their Green Rider messaging.  We spent a couple of hours role playing and talking about  ways to best generate enthusiasm and support for the trip and the sustainability movement.  It was great to see the clarity that we all gained demonstrated by our improved ability to deliver  strong messages about this project.

Then I rode down to my mother's house where my sister had just arrived and we spend almost an hour with a photographer from the local paper who needed images for the article that is coming out on Friday.  She was a wonderful person to work with and we had a lot of fun getting shots riding up and down the street in front of our family home.   I hope the paper prints a photo with us on bikes, our mother and the house.  Sean also came down and took some video which I sent off to Steve who will probably have a video post out in the next day or two.  

Here's Steve (our leadership coach) Hope and Sean after our successful session.

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