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Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Tesla and the Turbine - A fable

Once upon a time there were two brothers who both loved to fix things and solve problems.
The one brother lived in the heart of a very high tech wealthy community that relied on the development of exotic solutions to problems.  He built a beautiful and very expensive electric car that appealed to the small group of people who can afford fancy things and also support a sustainable future.
The other brother  lived in the heart of the country in a struggling agricultural community that was losing talented young people to the wealthier parts of the country.  This brother used pragmatic, clever solutions to solve problems.   He saw the economic and environmental advantages of bringing wind turbines on to farmers' land as a way of keeping the farms viable through lease income.  The turbines also reduced the   demand for dirty coal fired electricity generation.
The two brothers loved each other very much and loved to share their experiences about how their projects were going.
One day a reporter learned about the two brothers and saw a great story.  The reporter wanted to discover which brother was taking the right approach to solving problems.  He contacted the brothers and engaged them in long discussions about whose strategy was the best.  The two brothers refused to be drawn into a competitive match.
Try as he might, the reporter couldn't get the brothers to argue about who was solving problems the right way.  After many hours of effort, it finally dawned on the reporter that the two brothers were both solving problems in the right way.   So he wrote a story about that.

Moral:  There are as many solutions to solving problems as there are brothers.

So here's some things you can do to become a sustainability brother or sister.

Follow the blog and comment.
Help build a grassroots online community dedicated to sustainable solutions by describing what you're doing and/or what people you know are doing.
Invite us to power up at your house if you are on our route.  Especially if you generate your power with renewable energy.
Hop on a bike and see if you can keep up with us.
Help us organize an event in Washington DC that will get the attention of our policy makers.
Create your own engagement activity and tell us about it.