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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Ganado to Window Rock May 7

Just as we were drinking our morning coffee a truck pulled up and the driver (Teresa's husband) started moving equipment around.  Before he left, he loaned Sean his  air gun rifle and Sean became a very happy prairie dog hunter.  He didn't get any but it kept him very busy  and we rolled off the farm fairly late.  We headed back over to the Hubbell Trading Post and talked to the Superintendent about ways to use all the irrigation water available to try to do some farming.  We introduced the idea of getting a group of volunteers from the Grand Canyon Trust or from interested University programs to come and learn how to farm in the traditional Navajo Ways.  The Superintendent was very open to the idea so maybe something will come of it.  Our feeling is that if the local community sees that farming can work, even if they don't create the initial farm, by seeing a successful model, they may be more interested in getting back into farming as a viable form of employment and cultural revival.
Finally getting on our bikes by 11:30 we rode the 30 miles into Window Rock.  The road was busy with a narrow shoulder but the driver's were courteous and we had a nice gentle tailwind.  Most of the route climbed and before we dropped into Window Rock, we were riding through beautiful pine forests that reminded me of the high Sierra.  Just gorgeous.
We made our way out to Derrick's straw bale home early enough to hang out and enjoy the lovely spot.  As evening rolled around people started showing up and we ended up having a wonderful meal together with about 20 or so people gathered in the still unfinished and very comfortable straw bale home that Derrick and his family are building.  His mother-in-law, Linda gave us a gift of a beautiful small Navajo rug woven by a "very old woman".  She and the rest of her family are incredibly gracious and kind.  We so enjoy being with them!  Derrick will be joining us on the ride when we leave on Sunday and we are thrilled.  He knows the area and is such a fun positive soul we feel very lucky to have a chance to spend some time together with him.

Derrick's family visiting us in the van

Serious business those Prairie Dogs

Don't think I've seen one of these before

Climbing into high plateau forest

Tagging the summit

Derrick's Straw Bale Home
Derrick preparing the grill for roasting corn


  1. What a surprise meeting fellow bikers today on your way over Narbona Pass!!! You have a new happy blog follower from the Rez! Julie Dunston, Tsaile, AZ

  2. so how did you your day go in window rock