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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Tuttle Lake to Holton - May 27

After a wet dewy night, we sat around drinking coffee and pulling tics off of me.  I had about 20 and Catherine had a few.  Sean had enough itching and anxiety about the tics for all three of us.
Again headwinds greeted us as we hit the road but they weren't too strong, mostly under 15 mph.  About 10 miles out, I saw a sign advertising eggs for sale so we stopped and got to chatting with Connie who retired about 7 years ago and became a foster parent with her husband.  She has quite a farm with lots of animals and lots of projects to keep her foster kids busy.  She likes hard to place kids so she ends up with lots of teenage boys and seems able to manage them very well.  She's always got a project or two going and keeping up with the animals is a lot of work.  She's proud of her work, likes what she's doing and was very interested in our ride.  Her eggs were 75 cents a dozen!
About an hour later we stopped in Wheaton which is a typical small Kansas town.  No services and about 100 people living there.  As we were resting, a guy drove up in his SUV and asked us where we were from.  Turns out, he's the Mayor of Wheaton and he was very interested in our ride as well.  He even took us home with him so that his wife could meet us.  Very sweet.
About an hour later, during lunch, Sean told us he wanted to go home from Kansas City.  We're not happy about it but it was part of our agreement that he could leave from Kansas City since Catherine's friend Rolf is arriving tomorrow to drive with us to Washington.
When we arrived in Holton, we planned to look for a motel to be nice to Sean.  Instead we found a great campground, took Sean out to dinner and hung out in the library doing internet catch-up.  The lake campsite was beautiful, especially when the full moon rose over the lake and the fireflies entertained us.
I interviewed Sean and will be sending the footage to Steve who is continuing to do a great job creating fun and interesting clips about our adventures and what we are learning.  IF you haven't seen the video of me getting a haircut, check it out.  I thought it was really funny!

Connie and her wheels
Sean in the Superman Phone booth at the Mayor of Wheaton's house
Probably the only time Catherine has been ahead of me