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Friday, May 14, 2010

Durango to Pagosa Springs - Dead Deer Day

First off, the title of today's blog.  We rode 60 miles and saw at least 20 deer carcasses along the side of the road in every level of decay.  Pretty awful.
Otherwise, the ride was better than expected after getting multiple warnings about how horrible route 160 is.  There were some harrowing sections but overall, the road was good, the scenery was excellent and the driver's were courteous.  Cousin Jim did great on his first day out but I don't know if we'll be able to get him out of bed in the morning!
When we got to Pagosa, Jim's friend Tom and his wife greeted us with a lovely lunch and then we headed off to the hot springs where we roasted and played for a couple of hours.
I got a message from Jeff who had joined us for the first two days of our trip and he sent me the video that he created about The Green Riders.  He did a great job.Check it out! 
We've got our biggest pass tomorrow and the weather predictions are not good so we'll see how it goes.
Hey, we're the Green Riders!  We can handle anything.  (Plus we have our portage vehicle!)
I was reprimanded yesterday for not giving context to the PI Cycle that we were hoping to get.
So here's the PI website where you can see the bike we almost got and that will hopefully do well in England this weekend!

Waiting out a squall with Catherine's new mascot "Hoot"
Happy biker
Another happy Biker
Even a happy support crew
Cousins on adventure
I've never seen studded bicycle tires!
Pagosa Springs

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