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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Brother Peter joins us from Eudora to White Cloud

After a late start, we had a great day riding through some beautiful countryside.  We still had our Kansas headwind but it was pretty mild.  Just before we arrived in White Cloud, the bike Peter was on ran out of battery power so I loaned him one of my batteries to get him into White Cloud.
We set up camp along the shore of the Arkansas River and Peter's wife and family showed up shortly after we pulled in.  Peter found and old acquaintance named Wolf River Bob who grew up in White Cloud and is a bit of a local legend.  He toured us around a bit and we invited him for dinner at our campsite where he continued to tell tales of his life.  
Dinner along the Missouri River

This is our last night in Kansas and we're hoping for tailwinds tomorrow since we will hopefully be beyond the apparent headwind curse we encountered during our time in Kansas.

Peter's ready to go
Catherine rollin' it
Setting up the Kansas Bock's tent
Wolf River Bob explainin' it

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