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Friday, June 18, 2010

Wolf Run Campground, Ohio to a small farm 26 miles west of Morgantown WV-

Albin and Liza took the first driving shift so that Catherine and I could get a chance to ride together again.  We headed out after an active weather night on very fine windy county roads.  Unfortunately, we took a wrong turn and added about 15 miles to our day - whoops.
After a while, Catherine went back to her position behind the wheel and I took the two "kids" further on down the road . . . and what a road it was.  Probably some of the finest road along our route.  Steep, windy, great pavement, wonderful views of rolling hills and almost no traffic.  The road ended at the Ohio RIver where we met Catherine who had prepared a fine lunch.  We sat along the river at a locks and watched coal barges full of the nasty stuff floating down the river towards their toxic, combustive fate.
On the technical side, it turned out that when Albin and I regreased the motors on the recumbents, we used the wrong kind of grease.  (We used the grease we had which is a high pressure grease.)  I talked to the folks at Eco Speed who built the drive system we are using and was informed that we need to use a non high pressure grease.  So the plan for the afternoon included tearing the motors part again, cleaning and regreasing the gears and putting in the right kind of grease.
Albin wanted more riding so while Catherine, Liza and I bought grease and ate ice cream in New Martinsville, WV, Albin headed up the road towards the farm where our Morgantown host Nick Hein had invited us to the small farm that he is caretaking for some friends.
We picked up Albin and drove into the farm where we were greeted by lots of dogs, cats, ducks, chickens, goats and a sweet cow named Lucy.
We regreased the gears on both the motors and they are running very quietly now.  Just as we finished, Nick arrived and we spend an very enjoyable evening milking goats and getting to know NIck and a young friend, Zack, he brought out to help with the farm chores.  
Another great day on the road!

Southeast Ohio - Very nice!
Strange signs and a leak
We love these signs!
King coal and ice cream
Our welcoming committee at the farm
Bonding over an udder
Liza milking Lucy


  1. Been following since Kansas. As always, great pics. :)

  2. A bit south and you could have visited my hometown, Marietta, OH!

    Safe travels gang,

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