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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Brunswick to Washington DC!!!

After a horrible night of a high pitched barking dog, hot muggy air and lots of very hungry mosquitos, Catherine, Liza and Albin headed down the last 50 miles of the C&O while I drove into Bethesda where I found Chessa and Randy Lutter's house, got Chessa to agree to ride up the trail to meet the rest of the gang and rode about 10 miles or so up the C&O trail before we all met and cruised back down to Chessa's house where we relaxed and enjoyed air conditioning and showers.
After dinner, we rode 6 miles into Georgetown where we met with a reporter who had responded to an email that Liza had sent out.  Janet Donovan was very sweet and seemed like the consummate DC type.
(Whatever that is!)  We did a short interview with her and then found a Ben and Jerry's store for our daily ice cream.  We were quite the tourist attraction in town and talked to lots of folks who couldn't believe that we had done what we had done. (We can't believe it either!)
We made it home just as it got dark and went to bed exhausted after our bad night and long day.

Heading out for the last days ride
Two Green Riders fans
Great Falls of the Potomac
End of the line - almost
Lock 6 - I couldn't resist


  1. Hot dang! CONGRATULATIONS !!!!! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  2. Glad you made it safely. I really enjoyed the ride. What will I do now?

  3. I've loved reading your blog and learning more about what is going on around the country. Think it is so cool that this was a family trip! Congrats on an inspiring ride!