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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Springfield Illinois - Columbus, Ohio

Our last day with Michael on the road was as delightful as the first two.  Again we had a tailwind and "knocked out" the final 38 miles in no time.
We arrived at Michael's friends house Steve and EIleen around noon, spend a relaxing afternoon together before heading off to our bike shop event at 5.
Bicycle One is a family owned shop and the owner has been in the business for over 35 years.  They also carry a very extensive selection of recumbents so we tried some other molds during our visit.  Steve, Eileen and Michael all joined us so we brought our own crowd.  There wash's a lot of people who showed up but the bikes did get used a lot by store employees/sons and we had a good time telling stories and listening to tales of life in Columbus.
We were lucky enough to meet Denny Oswald who probably knows as much about recumbents as anybody.  IT was great talking to him and he really enjoyed seeing our rigs.  He thought we were trying to sell them so he was giving us ideas about how to make them more marketable.  When I explained that we are doing this for our education and for the education of people we meet, Denny quickly understood and agreed that selling products is a whole different activity that isn't the only way to bring new ideas into the world.  When I told him I wasn't interested in running a business, he got it immediately.

After the event we went back to Steve and Eileen's and enjoyed the comforts of air conditioning, a real sit down meal and even some World Cup soccer!  
It is sad to be leaving Michael behind but I think he really had a lot of fun for the short time that he was able to join us for.  
Steve and Eileen were wonderful hosts and we really enjoyed the comfort and hospitality that they showed us.  
Steve Brock and Michael deciding where to get a beer
The Green Riders and the Bicycle One folks
Recumbent master Denny Oswald checks it out
And then checks it out some more
Steve's wife Eileen with 'The Grin'

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