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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Green Riders officially arrive in Washington DC

On our way into DC to meet with friends and cousins, the Surley blew out another controller.
A parting shot.
I disconnected the plug from the motor to the controller so that there would be less resistance when pedaling and we continued on our way.  Albin hung on to the back of my bike and I "towed" him when it was safe.
We arrived on the Capital steps about the same time that our friend Antonia and her two friends arrived.  We staged an arrival scene and Liza and Albin sang their song.
I was getting worried because my sister-in-law Stephanie and her three boys were an hour late when they finally called.  Traffic and parking had slowed them down. (Cars are so great!!)
We all had lunch in the Native American Museum which has a fantastic cafe with ethnic food from Indians of the Americas.  Liza and I had buffalo. Catherine and Albin had rabbit and there were many other exotic choices.
We split up after lunch with Liza and myself going to the Air and Space museum with Stephanie and the triplets while Catherine and Albin "hung out" with Antonia in the Native American Museum.
The heat and humidity were incredible so we stayed in the museums until after 5 before riding and towing ourselves back up to Bethesda where we enjoyed our last evening with Chessa in her very comfortable home.
So now the journey ends.
Liza and I will go into town tomorrow for a brief meeting with our Congresswoman Anna Eshoo before hitting the long road home.
I'm tired, proud of our accomplishments, concerned about what I'll do next since my identity as a Green Rider is behind me and looking forward to seeing my family, friends and dog.
I just wish the next five or 6 days of driving were already behind us.
We do plan to post a few more blogs and there is a chance that I will put this adventure together into some coherent format but time will tell if I can muster enough enthusiasm for reprocessing this adventure.

Greeting friends on the Capital steps
Great to see Antonia
The official arrival
One last electric bicycle grin
The triplets ready for air-conditioned IMAX fun


  1. Congratulations Oliver and Tinki...Its nice to see Palo Alto represented so well. I enjoyed fallowing your journey from afar and will look forward to the Book and Movie releases soon. I was pleased to see you completed this adventure safely and hope your return go`s as well. Cheer`s ......... Scott

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  3. CONGRATULATIONS Oliver, Catherine and Crew- YOU DID IT!!! It has been great fun and learning as we followed your trip. Hope you will take the time to organize all the heros you met along the way into some kind of print or web media and give them some much needed publicity. You have shown us there are lots and lots of great things being done by real people coast-to-coast and there just isn't enough attention being given to it. Bravo!!!

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