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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Into Morgantown -

After morning farming chores, we hopped on our bikes and headed towards Morgantown.  The first few miles were wonderful and then we hit Highway 7. 
What a disaster!
Narrow, fast, windy road with lots of huge trucks going way too fast. Catherine drove while the three of us "white-knuckled" our way into Morgantown.  Liza and Albin will add their comments to this blog about the harrowing ride.
We spent the afternoon with the media.  Reporters from both the local paper and the local TV outlet joined us at NIck's "office" where we talked and rode around for a couple of hours. 
Link to TV spot -
Nick's 'office' is called "Positive Spin" and he has done an amazing job organizing bicycle parts that he gets from various sources.  He builds bikes and lets people who are interested come in and work at one of the three bicycle stations that he has set up.  The level of organization and the attention to detail really impressed me.  For people interested in setting up a bicycle recycling program, it would be very worthwhile to check out Nick's project 
Afterwards, we enjoyed our almost daily ice cream before going to the library for our evening event where we presented our story to the Morgantown "green team".
After dinner, we headed up to the ice skating arena where the Morgantown Parks and Recreation Department allowed us to sleep in the arena.  It's the biggest room I have ever slept in!!

Liza -
"The stupid coal truck drivers who tried to kill me made me hate coal even more!  I almost died!  After riding the '7' I felt I had narrowly escaped death, because I had!"

"Other than the people driving like maniacs, the ride would have been fun.  Drivers don't know how to act around bicycle riders.  We should throw them on a bicycle for a day and see how they like it!"

Catherine - 
"I was glad I was driving but even I was scared when there were ten coal trucks stacked up behind me."

TV reporter taking a test spin.  Check out the shoes!
Talk about organization !!
One of three identical work stations
Morgantown Graffiti 
Green Riders down by the river
Our "bedroom"

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  1. Wow! That was some horrendous experience with the trucks. Glad everyone is safe. You did great.