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Friday, June 25, 2010

Congresswoman Anna Eshoo meets with The Green Riders

                                 We "lobby" Anna Eshoo for sustainable solutions

We had planned to leave Bethesda early this morning (the 23rd) but we managed to get an appointment with our Congresswoman Anna Eshoo at 11.  Catherine was tired of the heat and the ride into DC and Albin's bicycle was broken.  I wasn't too excited about going into the city again but Liza insisted and so we went.
The Cannon building is next to the Capitol and it is where the members of the House of Representatives have their offices. It is one of many grand old buildings and the air conditioning works just fine.  We found our way down the marble halls to Congresswoman Eshoo's office where we were greeted warmly by her staff.  There was a switchboard where two or three "staffers" answered phone calls from people like me and you who call their Congress people. 
Within a couple of minutes, we were ushered into Anna Eshoo's office where Anna greeted us warmly and to my surprise was aware of our journey and had looked at our blog and website.  She was like a proud parent who was so thrilled with what we had accomplished.  She asked interesting questions, listened to the answers, complimented us on our achievements and admired our healthy appearance.  
We talked about her work and her frustration with the pace of the legislative process.  She was especially frustrated with the Senate's unwillingness to pass the energy bill that the House sent to them a year ago.  I complimented her on her willingness to 'fight the good fight' and she said: "Someone has to do it!"
I'm so glad she is our representative and both Liza and I feel that we have a friend in Congress who will support us as we continue fighting for a sustainable future.
I'm grateful to Liza for pushing me into going down to DC for the 4th time and visiting with Anna Eshoo.  
It was the highlight of our DC experience.

Now we are on the road heading west.  As I write this, we just passed a mileage marker that announced 82 miles to Kansas City.  
Westward Ho!!

Saying goodbye to Chessa before she heads off to work
The thrill of the road - Part 1
The thrill continues unabated!


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